I'm Sorry Love Poems

Sometimes in love you are going to have disagreements and arguments.

Our I'm sorry love poems are the perfect way to express your feelings to your loved one.

I'm Sorry

If I said I'm sorry,
Do you think you could forgive?
If I said I'm sorry,
Would it make things right?

If I said I'm sorry,
Things would be better,
But how long would it last?
Definitely not forever.

If I said I'm sorry,
Would it be a lie?
Only you can decide,
All I can do is try.

By Danny Shaw

100 Ways

I thought of 100 ways,
To say sorry to you.
But no matter how it's said,
The meaning has to be true.

I bought you flowers,
To show my love.
I am sorry babe.
I hope that's enough.

By Danny Shaw

Start All Over

Just wanted to say sorry,
And make things right.
I just want to be yours,
Every day and night.

Without your love,
I would be empty inside,
Without your love,
I would just run and hide.

If you can find it in your heart,
To forgive me.
We can make things right.
The way they use to be.

Lets start all over,
Like when we first met.
I know it's not easy,
But I'm willing to bet.

If we take things slow,
And learn from our mistakes.
Will be even happier,
Knowing what love takes.

By Danny Shaw

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