Sweet Love Poems

Here you will find every day sweet love poems for everyone. Him or her, boyfriend or girlfriend it doesn't matter. We have a sweet poem for everyone.

Your Sweet Love

Your sweet love,
The sweetest I've ever had.
So sweet in fact,
I can never be sad.

Your sweet love,
Keeps me going every day.
When I have a rough time,
You make it okay.

Your sweet love,
I will always take care.
Though I'm not perfect,
I will always be fair.

By Danny Shaw

Sweet Tender Love

Sweet Tender Love,
That's what you need.
You'll have to open your heart,
If you want to succeed.

Sweet tender love,
I can provide.
Just give it a try,
And let me inside.

Sweet tender love,
Deserves a chance.
Sweet tender love,
And a little Romance.

By Danny Shaw

Candy Is Sweet

Candy is sweet and so are you.
Without you I don't know what I'd do.
I love you because you're always kind.
When I'm not with you, I feel left behind.

I want to be with you, every moment, every day.
Just hold you close, in your arms I'll stay.
Hold me tight & don't ever let me go.
I love you more than you'll ever know.

By Danny Shaw

The Little Things

It's the little things you do,
That keeps us together.
And when times are hard,
You never say never.

Thanks for your courage,
It keeps me strong.
Giving me strength,
All day Long.

The little things you do,
From time to time.
Mean a lot in this world,
So often unkind.

I will never forget,
What you've done for me.
As far as my heart,
You have the key.

By Danny Shaw

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