Teenage Love Poems for Him & Her

Teenage love poems are the perfect way to show him or her how you feel. Many people argue that teenage love isn't real.

As if they forgot what there first love was like. It is often referred to as "Puppy Love", because parents think their kids don't know the true meaning of love.

The fact is that teenage love is just as real as adult love. Many marriages are two kids that fell in love in high school.

Enjoy, and feel free to share your teenage love poetry.

We Are Teenagers

We are teenagers,
This I can't change,
No matter how hard I try,
Our age remains.

Some say we are to young.
Our love can't be real,
Then why when you're away,
Does my heart remain still.

We are teenagers,
This is true.
But one thing for sure,
I do love you.

By Danny Shaw

For Real

Every class we have together,
Keeps me going through the day.
But when we are face to face,
I don't know what to say.

I get nervous,
Everytime you talk to me.
Underneath it all,
I hope you can see.

This is the only way,
I can tell you how I feel.
I just had to let you know.
My love is for real.

By Danny Shaw

Puppy Love

They call it puppy love,
As if we don't understand,
Like they know more than us,
Because their older, woman and man.

I think they've forgotten,
What it's like to be young.
And their first love,
And how much fun.

Sometimes a first love,
Can last forever.
That is why,
I never say never.

I hope one day soon,
Our parents will see.
That young love is real,
Proof is you and me.

For now call it puppy love,
Or whatever they will.
No matter what they call it.
I will love you still.

By Danny Shaw

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