True Love Poems & Poetry

Our true love poems are the perfect gift to express your feelings. These poems will capture the heart of the one you love. The first rule is to believe. Enjoy!

In this first poem, you can substitute handsome or cute for beautiful if it's for a man.

True Love Did Exist

I still remember the day,
When I found true love.
Grateful I gave thanks,
To the stars up above.

True love doesn't come along every day,
So I had to be sure.
For I had never met anyone,
As beautiful and pure.

At the time I didn't know,
True love did exist.
If I hadn't found you,
My chance I could've missed.

For those who say,
True love holds no truth,
I would have to disagree,
Our love is living proof.

By Danny Shaw

True Love for Two

True love comes from the heart,
You don't even have to be smart.
However you do have to believe,
And you have to give in order to receive.

You see true love only works with two.
For us that means both me and you.
I always knew that it would find us.
If you share the same feeling that's a big plus.

By Danny Shaw

The next true love poem is saying that love just wasn't enough.

Quest for True Love

I set out one day,
In my quest for true love.
Although I had someone,
Love just wasn't enough.

I'd had a good life,
And yes even romance.
But it was time to move on,
To give myself a chance.

Not knowing if I'd find it,
With no hope in sight.
You appeared before me,
Making my future bright.

As hard as it was,
You were worth the wait.
You opened your arms,
And opened the gate.

To never ending love,
I just let it pour.
My heart is in your hands,
Yours forever more.

By Danny Shaw

What Is True Love

What is true love?
Many people ask.
See if you can find out,
Don't answer to fast.

What is true love?
Is it actually true?
What is true love?
And what does it mean to you?

What is true love?
I'll give you a clue.
It's the man (or woman),
Right in front of you.

By Danny Shaw

In the next true love poem use one of the two words where you see the /.

Love of My Life Poem

Trying to express in words,
What you mean to me.
Is like trying to start a car,
When you don't have the key.

You are the love of my life,
Being with you is so fun.
Handsome/Beautiful and Sweet,
You are my honey bun/#1.

We've done everything together,
Some things not so smart.
You are the love of my life,
You have captured my heart.

By Danny Shaw

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