Valentine Poems

Here you will find Valentine Poems for all occasions. Of course everyone wants to be loved year round, but Valentines Day marks that one special day that no one can ignore. Enjoy this Valentines Poetry!

Valentines Again

It's Valentines again,
I hope you'll be mine.
If only for one day,
That will be just fine.
So what'll it be?
Spend this special day with me?

By Danny Shaw

My Helen of Troy

Valentines Day is a day to appreciate,
The ones you hold dear,
Those that would bring happiness,
And fill your insides with cheer.

You're the one for me,
Everything we will enjoy.
You're one of a kind,
You're my Helen of Troy.

By Danny Shaw

One Wish

This Valentines Day,
I have just one wish.
Just one more thing,
To add to your list.

Pull up a chair,
And sit with me for a while.
If you're happy on this day,
Show me that beautiful smile.

By Danny Shaw

This next Valentines Poem works perfectly with a gift to the spa or something where he or she can get pampered. If it's for a man, just substitute King for Queen.

Valentines Day Queen

Valentines Day is for all,
But you are of the select few.
That deserves special treatment,
On this day you are due.

Enjoy this gift,
On this day you deserve.
Today you are Queen,
For you they will serve.

By Danny Shaw

Joyous Occasion

For many Valentines Day,
Is a joyous occasion.
But some use tactics,
For hiding and evasion.

I don't need to hide,
And one thing's for sure,
Everyone who does,
I have your cure.

Suck it up and tell him/her
What you want to say.
It's only once per year.
It's Valentines Day.

By Danny Shaw

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