Wedding Love Poems

Marriage is a beautiful thing, why not share your feelings with one of these wedding love poems. Enjoy!

This first poem would be perfect to give your loved one on your wedding day. A lot of people are nervous on their wedding day, give them this poem to calm their nerves.

Walk Me Down that Aisle

Today on this special day,
I just have a few words I wish to say.
________ I was lucky to find you,
And one thing that will always hold true.

My love for you will never fade,
Everything we are, together we've made.
Always by your side, for better or worse,
And when you are sick, I will be your nurse.

I will take care of you every way I can,
Even when things don't go as planned.
I love you _____, I'll go that extra mile.
Calm your nerves, and walk me down that aisle.

By Danny Shaw

Love From a Friend

_____ and _____ were always there for me,
No matter what I needed,
They would never flee.

They took care of me, when noone else would.
Sharing their family and home,
Doing everything that they could.

I love you both, that's all I want to say.
You guys are the perfect match,
Magic is in the air, it's your wedding day.

By Danny Shaw

Wedding Somewhere

There's so much love in the air,
There must be a wedding somewhere.
I hop in my car, I have to go.
Cannot be late, can't miss the show.

Perfect timing, as soon as I arrive,
The music starts, here comes the bride.
Beautiful and elegant in every way,
Faces begin to glow on this wedding day.

Everyone whispers how pretty the wedding dress.
As the preacher says take your seats to the guests.
I cherish these moments, for they are few,
Together in love, one is now two.

By Danny Shaw

The next two wedding love poems are actually for wedding invitations. Send these out to your family and friends to make sure they are there. Of course put the time and place at the end of the invitation.

Funny Wedding Invitations

Two people in love,
It's a beautiful thing.
So come and join us,
See me get my ring.

I look forward to seeing you there,
Because here's the situation.
Guess what, I'm getting married,
And I sent you an invitation.

By Danny Shaw

On my wedding day, you had better be there.
If you are not, I'll assume you don't care.
And after all, just to be fair,
I spent all this money just to do my hair.

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