Why I Love You Poems

Use one of these why I love you poems to tell them why. These poems are all purpose reasons why. If they don't match up then write your own. When a poem comes from the heart it's always beautiful.

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Why Do You Love Me

Why do you love me,
You always inquire.
I just smile and say,
Because you light my fire.

Why do you love me,
Your question I return.
Give it some thought,
For the right answer is your #1 concern.

Why do you love me?
Better make a note.
For my love for you,
This poem I wrote.

By Danny Shaw

Especially Today

I love you for the everyday things,
Like running to answer when the phone rings.
I love you because, you put me in my place,
Without arguing and yelling in my face.

I love you for taking care of me,
When I am sick, whatever the reason may be.
I love you because, you're you everyday.
I love you my darling, especially today.

By Danny Shaw

Never Ask Why

You know I love you,
But you never ask why.
My reasons are many,
So I'll give it a try.

I love the way you hold me,
In the middle of the night.
I'm so happy when I wake up,
And you are still holding me tight.

I love the way you kiss me,
So gentle and sweet.
I look forward to your kiss,
Every time that we meet.

I love the way you whisper,
Sweet nothings in my ear.
It tickles and makes me laugh,
Even if I don't hear.

What I love most of all,
I knew right from the start.
Although you're beautiful on the outside,
Nothing compares to your heart.

By Danny Shaw

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