Young Love Poems

Our Young Love Poems are sure to capture the heart of the one you love. Ah! To be young and in love. Enjoy!

My Love For You

Young and stupid,
That's what they say.
Sometimes I wonder,
Was there ever a day.

When they felt the same as me.
Maybe I'm young, but I know what I feel.
And no matter what they say,
I'm forever yours, I love you still.

They can try all they want,
But they can't keep us apart.
For my love for you,
Runs deep within my heart.

By Danny Shaw

Remember This Day

Ever since we were kids,
Playing and sharing a snow cone.
I always knew we'd love one another,
We simply couldn't leave each other alone.

From chatting on the phone,
To helping with my homework.
You are always with me,
Even when I'm a jerk.

Maybe you don't believe me,
But you remember this day.
Because someday when I marry you,
These words of love I will replay.

By Danny Shaw

Young & In Love

Young and in love,
Words cannot express.
These feelings inside of me,
My heart doesn't rest.

Every moment of everyday,
Every kiss, every smile.
Keeps our love going,
Each and every mile.

I simply cannot deny,
My heart is in your hands.
I look forward to our future,
Even the things we didn't plan.

By Danny Shaw

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