You're Worth It

by Maria Chatziilia

This will be the most honest thing I'll ever do
I'll tell you exactly how I feel,what I'm going through
In no way Am I trying to break up with you
I just believe this will bring me closer to you

To be honestly frank,you are my everything
For you I smile,for you I cry,I'd do anything
For you make me feel happy and complete
By loving me more each day,by being sweet

You once asked me why I love you this much
Well,I can't look in your eyes,can't feel your touch
Can't hug you,feel your heartbeat and such
But I have a hundred reasons why I miss you so much

It's the way you laugh and joke around
The way you comfort me when I break down
It's the way you talk ,the way you sound
The way you care and how you never let me down

I love it how you have your own life style
How you always know what makes me smile
What you say to make the waiting worthwhile
How you face the distance like it's just a mile.

I know I tend to get so insecure and worry a lot,
But I also know what I can do and what I cannot
You changed my way of living and what I thought
All the things you did for me,I never forgot.

I could go on days telling you what I feel,
Words are cheap as they say,but my love is real.
Nothing to worry or talk about,nothing to heal
We truly love each other and we always will.

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You're Worth It

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Oct 03, 2011
by: Anonymous

This is a very sweet poem

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